We’re delighted you are thinking about visiting St. Aidan’s!

Our church is located at 13560 Cogburn Road, Milton, GA. 30004.

The church almost can’t be seen from the street. The little white cottage at Cogburn is your visual cue.

The church almost can’t be seen from the street. The little white cottage at Cogburn is your visual cue.


What to Expect at Worship

If you are visiting St. Aidan’s from a faith tradition outside of the Episcopal Church, our services open with a hymn and a procession to the altar. A lesson from the Old Testament is read, followed by a Psalm, read responsively or chanted. Another lesson is read from the New Testament followed by a Gospel reading. A sermon is delivered by Father Reggie, our rector or a guest clergy person. The entire church participates in Prayers of the People, a responsive time to pray for the whole church and all of creation. Confession is usually included in service.

The latter part of our service is often referred to as Holy Eucharist. The Episcopal Church celebrates and invites all baptized Christians to partake in the body and blood of Christ every week at Sunday worship through Eucharist or communion. At St. Aidan’s we use unleavened wafers and real wine. We also offer gluten-free communion.

Our choirs are present at both the early and late services. Music is offered throughout including organ, piano, violin, and occasionally flute, guitar, and hammered dulcimer when our Folk Ensemble is playing.

Sunday worship follows the order of service in the Book of Common Prayer. Services generally last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

If you are a “cradle Episcopalian” you’ll find that St. Aidan’s offers a broad church experience.

8:15am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Our early service is a full service with music. The full choir may not be present except on High Holidays. This service is lightly attended by families as Children’s Chapel takes place at the 11:00am service.

11:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II

This service will have the full choir and Children’s Chapel and will have more young families in attendance.

Parking Information

St. Aidans has reserved parking for visitors. These spots may be found on the left hand side of the row closest to the church. There is ample parking, so please park where you wish.


We host a hot breakfast every Sunday morning. Planned and prepared by the St. Aidan’s Breakfast Teams, the menu is different each week; and every team has a specialty. Breakfast begins at 9:30. Visitors enjoy a complimentary breakfast on their first visit. Please, be our guest! Stay awhile for fellowship, before or after.

Family Friendly

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend any Sunday morning service. Children’s worship bulletins may be found in a basket in the narthex or lobby. We have options for “not yet readers” and “readers” including faith-based activities, crayons and pencils, and chenille stems to keep hands quietly occupied during worship. We offer Children’s Chapel, a specially designed age-appropriate worship experience for children through grade 5, during the 11:00am service. More, children are invited to the altar to recite the Lord’s Prayer during the Liturgy of the Table.


For families with children aged 3 months to 3 years, we offer a faith-based nursery from 8:00am until 12:00pm or the end of the late service. There is no charge for nursery. We ask that families arrive a few minutes early to complete a Family File, allow time to get answers to any questions, and meet our Nursery Caregivers.


All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion. To receive communion, simply approach the altar rail, placing your right hand on top of your left to receive the host or wafer. You may dip your wafer into the wine in the chalice, or consume your host and drink directly from the chalice.

We offer unleavened wafers and use real wine. We also offer options for those with gluten allergies. To receive a gluten-free wafer, approach the altar rail, placing your right hand on top of your left with your right thumb up. A eucharistic minister will bring you a gluten-free wafer and offer wine from a chalice without cross-contamination. Please let one of our greeters in the narthex know you wish to receive gluten-free communion when you arrive.

If you are not baptized, or do not feel comfortable receiving communion, you may still come to the altar, cross your arms over your chest, and receive a blessing. You are also welcome to remain in your seat.

Dress Code

All are welcome in the Episcopal Church! There is no set dress code. The majority of attendees dress in business casual, but you will find some members in suits while others are in jeans. What you wear doesn’t matter, what does is that you feel comfortable worshipping with us.

Still have a Question?

Connect with Rebecca Cline, our Newcomer Shepherd. She can answer a host of questions about St. Aidan’s, our Sunday morning schedule, the dozens of ministries we offer, and more.